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Ever wondered if you're getting the best deal on pet supplies?

Occasionally we see a review mentioning that our items are high-priced. You may be surprised to know that 90+% of all pet food items are sold at MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).

Looking online you will notice that the items we sell - are the same price online. Pet food producers will not sell to organizations that violate their MAP pricing.

What do you get by shopping locally?

• Reward points: 1 point for each dollar, 300 points gets you $10 off. This is a 3.3% discount for all purchases.
• Buy 12 get the 13th free: $10 a bag x 12 = $120 which gets you 13 bags, $120/13 = $9.23 a bag = 7.69% discount.
• Case discounts: Buy 10 of the same brand cans of cat or dog food, take 10% off!
• The absolute lowest-priced dog wash in town. Shampoo, conditioner, two speed blow dryer are all included for just $10.

• Questions answered by a live educated person.
  o Our staff has over 97 years of pet health, nutrition, and behavior experience.
  o We source the best pet supplies and can answer how our products can address your pets’ issues.
  o Nutrition is our specialty, if you have any issues, we have the experience to assist you.

• Meet our Dogs
  o Between us we have 8 dogs that will be in the store at various times.
  o Well-behaved pets are always welcome in the store to shop, visit, or just tour for the smells.
  o It’s not just a dog shop we have had chickens, goats, cats… It’s fun to see everyone interact.

• Support Idaho!
  o We pay taxes, buy groceries, and employ eight employees directly and countless indirectly – in Boise, Idaho.
  o Many of our food, treats, and garment items are from local and Idaho businesses.
  o Bark n Purr supports many local charities including Operation Community Cats, IHS, St. Vincent DePaul…

 Most of the pet food in the U.S. is sold at minimum advertised price.
 Online retailers do not offer any free bags, Bark n Purr does on most brands, and this reduces your price by 7.69%.
 Our customer reward program reduces every purchase by 3.3% (11% cheaper on most dry dog & cat food!)
 Case discounts for all dog and cat means another 10% discount.
 We value your business and hope you will consider us when stocking up on pet supplies!

By choosing Bark n Purr Boise, you not only get high-quality pet supplies but also support your local community!

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